THE BOONE SCOUT (Seattle, Washington) 3 (January 1959)


THE BOONE SCOUT (Seattle, Washington) 3 (January 1959)

Description of the Flanders Callaway House in Charette in 1959: <Abandoned in the flood of 1951, a dark water-line about five feet above the ground discoloring the walls, the window panes broken, the interior showing torn wall paper, fallen plaster and doors hangiong, the old place retains a certain dignity despite its desolation. Though he died at the home of Nathan, it was to the Callaway house that the body of Daniel Boone was taken for the funeral servicers, and then borne to the David Bryan cemetery not far away to rest beside Rebecca. . . . This cemetery, so long neglected, is now being cared for by a Boy Scout troop.> THE BOONE SCOUT (Seattle, Washington) 3 (January 1959), available at Kentucky Historical Society.

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