State Rep. Russell G. Brockfeld, R-Warrenton, wrote to KY house Speaker Donald J. Blandford last week suggesting that KY admit that a mistake was made in the disinternment of 1845. <To coirrect this error, which was made 142 years ago, I would like to propose that the Missouri Legislature officially claim that Daniel Boone is still buried in Warren County, Missouri,> he wrote. The issue came up because Warren County is celebrating its sesquicentennial. A ceremony was held at the Boone-Bryan cemetery. Brockfield said that historical interest and tourist dollars were attached to the issue of where Boone is buried. <It's amazing the number of people who stop in here and inquire about Daniel Boone,> he said. Last month Warren County officials asked the governor to issue a proclamation claiming that Boone was buried in MO. The state is thinking of providing a parking lot at the cemetery, but will not issue a proclamation. B. H. Rucker, chief of MO historical sites: <I guess we don't really know. There is some uncertainty about what did actually occur. The commission from Kentucky did their best to relocate the remains. But I could see where it's possible that a mistake was made.> POST-DISPATCH 9/13/1987

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