Josiah Meigs to Lewis Cass, August 27th, 1806

Josiah Meigs to Lewis Cass, August 27th, 1806

Meigs says that the letter Cass sent on the 30th of the previous month, July, to the secretary of the General Land Office was endorsed by the President of the United States.

< "If the instructions for selling lands embrace the track on the River Huron referred to by Governor Cass, an exception of it from the sales may be made. This will be done on an intimation to the proper department from the department of war that this sanction is given to it. The measure of an exchange with the Wyandots will then be open for further consideration and for the decision of congress.">

Meigs says that this letter will serve as authority for the Superintendents of the public sales to reserve from sale the tract, or area of land, in question.

Meigs states that the Act of July 28th, 1809 directed that two tracts: one including the village of Brown Town and the other being the village called Magua, containing in the whole not more than five thousand acres, should be reserved for the use of the Wyandots for fifty years.

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