B.F. Stickney to Wayne Agency, April 24, 1817


B.F. Stickney to Wayne Agency, April 24, 1817

B.F. Stickney is writing because the Indian Express is going out (with word about Lewis Curtis). Curtis has been causing trouble for Stickney and the local citizens. Lewis was in his proper reigment,but was returned, and Stickney wants him sent back again--Gen. Macomb should be doing so. Stickney also wants his letter from Bandie returned so that he can get papers valuable to him. The Myaamia <"will be in for the remainder of their annuities in a few days">.

Stickney has stopped giving provisions except on special occasions. Secretary Crawford has admonished people in the area, so Stickney does not know how liberal to be with the people since he doesn't know how they view <"Government">.

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