B.F. Stickney to Lewis Cass, January 1, 1814

B.F. Stickney to Lewis Cass, January 1, 1814

Stickney states that he wrote to Cass on the first of December and enclosed a pay list, and list of Indian warriors who accompanied Cass from Greenville to Detroit. Says that the man who was sent to bring the letter stated that he delivered it to Cass, and that Cass viewed the letter, but had nothing to write. Stickney stated that in his previous letter to Cass, he requested his signature for a certificate of the service having been performed, and the pay list complete. He assumes that Cass should have no reason not to sign the certificate and hopes he has simply forgotten. Stickney then asks him to sign the certificate at his nearest convenience.

January 8th, 1817

Stickney wrote this letter expecting to send it. While writing he discovered the he thought this opportunity would fail. He states that he has nothing to add except to stress his anxiety to obtain the pay list mentioned above, with Cass' signature on the certificate.

States the he is informed that the <Prophet> with the last of his adherents have traveled to Tippecanoe and that the Miamis continue to claim a resolution to remove them.

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