Thomas L. McKenney to Lewis Cass, January 9th, 1817

Thomas L. McKenney to Lewis Cass, January 9th, 1817

McKenney says he has the honor to acknowledge his reception of Cass' letter from the fourteenth of December, along with the copies of the invoices from the merchandize issued from the Office of Indian Annuities.

McKenney thinks it would be gratifying to learn whether the package reported to be delivered was in good or bad order upon arrival. He thinks that the multitude of people who the package passed through often lead to damages which cannot be blamed on the sender or recipient. The clerk who attending to invoicing and packing these goods has a very distinct recollection of each of the medals and spurs, and this number is confirmed by the medal account. Some intermediate Agency must have varied the amount it would be gratifying to him, and therefore would have been informed whether the package wore marks of violence on their arrival or were in good order.

This information is important to McKenney because if they arrived in anything but good order, the department of the Office of Indian Trade will be accountable for the financial repayment for the damages.

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