Charles Jouett to Lewis Cass, December 3rd, 1816

Charles Jouett to Lewis Cass, December 3rd, 1816

Says that Cass' letter by W. Burnet was received a few days ago with its enclosure. Jouett had the pleasure of communicating to the Secretary of War on the subject of the Potawatomi Annuities. Jouett states that it would be an extreme injustice to comply with that Burnets requests as it is well known that 5/6 of the Potawatomi nation resides within Jouett's agency. While he is on the subject, Jouett thinks it is a duty to observe that a respectable portion of the Chippewa and Ottawa annuities should also be sent to this post, a thousand dollars to each nation due to each nation, because more than half of these two nations also reside in Jouett's quarter.

Tells Cass that he is mistaken in terms of the delivery of the blacksmiths tools which are a part of the annuities, because the military gentlemen said that it never arrived at the Indian Department. Jouett says he would be satisfied if they arrived in the next shipment vessel.

Jouett said that he was informed that Jane. B. Beaureaux has been refused a license to trade with the Indians on the grounds of having hatred for the Indians who are loyal to the American Government. Beaureaux is a Canadian from Montreal. He is 48 years old and has a fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, is five feet four inches tall, and crippled in the right hand. Jouett states that Cass should know him well if he applies for a license through Cass. Jouett is glad the horses please Cass, and states he serves him little in comparison to how Cass serves him when Jouett meets Cass' approval.

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