Unknown to Thomas L. McKenney, December 14th, 1816

Unknown to Thomas L. McKenney, December 14th, 1816

Written from Detroit.

Accompanying this letter, they transmitted the invoices and receipts for the goods forwarded here for Indian annuities and present to McKenney.

There is a discrepancy between the goods actually received and the invoices. This difference is noted in the invoice of presents, but its cause is unknown. All of the goods were received in the store house by the storekeeper and his receipt is on the invoice.

This is in conformity with the regulations adopted here on September 20th, 1814 and seen used by the Department of War on October 25th, 1814. Issued upon warrants but never come into their possession. Regular vouchers for the distribution of the presents and for the delivery of the annuities will hereafter be transmitted.

These invoices would have been sent long since, but the annuities distributed for the Wyandot were sent for delivered at Lower Sandusky and the receipt for them did not arrive until yesterday.

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