B. F. Stickney to Lewis Cass, December 6th, 1816

B. F. Stickney to Lewis Cass, December 6th, 1816

From further inquiry into the conduct and observations of Guthrie and his men while they were here, I am still concerned that all is not right. Abbotts character is suspicious, and you say the goods were sent from Malden, either from trade or presents, and they had not been given to those who it is due to them. Guthrie told James Pulter that he did not know who the goods belonged to.

M. Abbott was is not the man that employed Guthrie and Guthrie will go back to Detroit to get those matters cleared up.

Laderoute came to Stickney to tell him that he would not receive bonds or receive goods and became to immediately try to clear his name in regard to any illegal trade practices. All Laderoute knew is that Abbott delivered the goods but had no knowledge of any suspicious in regard to this.

The Indians are aware that a large quantity of the goods is being sent from Malden to Tippecanoe. All must be plain, open, and fair. But that is not what seems to be occurring now.

Stickney has written to the collector at Fort Maigs to inquire more about the relation to the regularity of the entrance of the goods at Detroit.

The secretary of war has suspended the amount of pay lists of Indian Warriors who had served under General M. Authur and Cass' until Cass' signature on the certificate could be obtained.

Can Cass' please certify the pay lists for General M. Authur's Indian Warriors and return them to M. Bondie?

Stickney asks Cass to recollect the $20 advanced to John Walker at Greenville and return it to W. Bondie for him.

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