William Hy. Puthuff to Lewis Cass, October 29th, 1816

William Hy. Puthuff to Lewis Cass, October 29th, 1816

From Michillimackinac.

The decision of the War Department on the subject of Artificers being employed in the Indian Department has led Puthuff to call the principals Indian Chiefs in his district to counsel.

Puthuff has enclosed the statements made under Oath by the interpreters on the subject of Indian trade.

Puthuff has had conversation with M. Chittenden while Col. Hawkins was present. Look at the secret history and motives behind trade.

States that this is hard to counteract the secrets of private and self-interested enemies, especially in regard to assassination, robbery, and all the black catalogue crimes that stem from the North West Company.

Calls for a more liberal distribution of Indian Presents. Puthuff is understanding that Cass is visiting Washington soon and hopes that this will make an impact on the country in regard to Indian relations. Hopes that the posts and dispositions of the Indians, the nature of Indian trade, and damage or effects of foreign influence may be discussed and viewed under the proper light.

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