OIA Roll 418 #268


OIA Roll 418 #268

George Helms of lawful age sworn on this oath says that he speaks and understands the language. The party of Indians lived about 4 miles from Columbia Helms frequently conversed with the Indians last summer in relation to moving west. The Indians were always determined not to go.

The Indians left some of their goods at Helms house and requested him to take care of them while they were gone. The Indians said they were going to Michigan right around the time they were supposed to go west and when he was informed that there were teams sent out from Fort Wayne. He also went to the woods and found thirteen Indians from the party he conversed with about moving west. They told Helms again that they did not intend to go west and requested that he did not tell any white man. Written on March 27th, 1847 by James S. Collins.

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