OIA Roll 418 #249


OIA Roll 418 #249

This letter was written from Fort Wayne on February 22nd, 1847. Alexis Coquillard informed us that he has applied for a contract for the removal and he wants to help the Indians. The treaty made in Chicago on September 26th, 1833 was acknowledged. Alexis Coquillard is the old trader for these people and would be better than anyone we specifically know of. He would collect them together and move them west. This is because the government has officially collected a spot for them in Kansas for their permanent home.

He has been working on the details with us of the fate of the Miami Emigration and we are highly pleased with his contract throughout. I used honest, honorable, and energetic so far regarding the contract for removal. He is kind and well acquainted with their wants. The Indian Department should give him a contract for removal.

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