Unknown to George Graham, July 22nd, 1817

Unknown to George Graham, July 22nd, 1817

They have had the honor of stating to the War Department that the relative duties of Superintendent of Indian Affairs and of Indian Agents are badly defined and that they me be brought to collision without the means of asserting their respective authority.

Calls for a connection between the remote and scattered agencies. A proper system would give benefit the War Department and the Agents. He says he can't form a full opinion on the subject because he doesn't know enough about Indian concerns in any other part of the Union other than the Northwest.

He proposed that the Agents of Michillimackinac, Green Bay, Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Picqua should be instructed to communicate with the superintendent of Indian Affairs at Detroit, unless they have some circumstance that would prohibit this and allow these exceptions to contact the War Department directly.

Allow a rational system will be established and will be subject to such modifications as reason proves necessary for their success.

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