Thomas L. McKenney to Geo. Graham, March 19th, 1817

Thomas L. McKenney to Geo. Graham, March 19th, 1817

Every letter McKenney receives from Prairie du Chien confirms that trading license for Indian trade are issued too loosely. He is aware that the law is broad, and it is easy to obtain. He thinks that the privilege of a license is often misused and doesn't align with Governmental standards.

Excerpt from John W. Johnston on January 8th:
Major Puthuff, Indian Agent at Mackinac, is approving the worst candidates for trading licenses for Indian Trade. Wants to find out where Puthuff got unlimited reign to do this from the President. Each trader is paying him $50.

Their trade will suffer and so will the Indians. Wants it sent to the Department of War immediately to be checked. Hope they will adopt the correct procedures.

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