Unknown to Thomas L. McKenney, April 12th, 1817

Unknown to Thomas L. McKenney, April 12th, 1817

By a letter of the 23rd of last month, he is telling McKenney instructed by the Acting Secretary of War to tell him about the annuities due and presents destined for the Indians.

The Indians would prefer their payment in cash, and it would be less expensive to the United Sates. They have always preferred this type of repayment. Well selected goods would be more serviceable to them.

HIs opinion that annuities to the Chippewas, Ottawas, Potawatomi and Miamis should be paid the one half in goods and the other in cash.

The Wyandot should be paid wholly in cash. Two of their treaties have stipulations to this effect.

M. Graham has informed him of the six thousand dollars to be invested into goods for presents. He will Trouble McKenney to forward four flags

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