C. Jouett to Lewis Cass, February 1st, 1817

C. Jouett to Lewis Cass, February 1st, 1817

Jouett says that he expected only to be at his post until the area to be stable. He thinks that Garrison is now stable, but his housing is not stable for a long-term stay. Nine people and only one chair. Questions the government on their treatment of agents. They should want them to live comfortably and respectfully.

States that the Wyandots, Sioux, Shawnee, Delawares, etc. gained approval by the British to settle and want to be pushed farther from white civilization when given the option. Propose occupying between this land and the Mississippi.

Jouett wants to extend regular settlements from Ohio to Detroit and simultaneously destroy the British influence with the Indians both North and Western of the settlement.

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