W. Hy Puthuff to Lewis Cass, May 5, 1817


W. Hy Puthuff to Lewis Cass, May 5, 1817

Puthuff is glad that he can speak through Cass instead of the department based on the letter Cass sent on March 23, 1817. He is worried he is being misrepresented and will be under attack by the government and wants to be able to show his innocence. He says the Indians he is in charge of have had a rough winter and their <"crops of corn...principally failed last season">; however, they are still treating Americans amicably.

Puthuff says that he wants to give <"a detailed account of the state of trade"> but wants to see if his last document has been forwarded to Cass yet. Puthuff also says he sent a <"barrel of Front">.

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