B.F. Stickney to Lewis Cass, May 12, 1817


B.F. Stickney to Lewis Cass, May 12, 1817

Stickney says he sees the new budget and it is much too low for his necessities. He says both of his interpreters have resigned due to low compensation, so he has temporarily hired Mr. Kerchaval. He is <"a young gentlemen of character, and very respectable family connections in Kentucky">. He says he likes that his communications must go through the Governor of Michigan Territory (Cass), and asks him to approve the hiring of Kerchaval. Stickney says the charges against Lewis Curtis were not known to him, but that he sees how they could impact his respectability and trustfulness. He says that Curtis' letter shows <"his baseness and folly">. Bondie has denied the charges against him specifically while in the presence of 5 men who signed saying they heard.

Stickney says he is ready for the investigation to proceed as soon as is convenient for Cass. He shows disdain for Curtis saying Curtis <"appears to contaminate every thing he comes in contact with">.

Stickney also says the houses are all unfinished where he lives, including his own home. He finishes by saying he has received Jouett's letter discussing the lack of attacks by the Wynabagoes, and says he sent someone to their village to investigate.

He has a P.S. section in which he discusses the investigation of Curtis more and says he would like Curtis to be cross-examined and to have the men who had been there in the past to be present. He says Curtis has habitually lied in the past.

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