Neal O. Hammon, "The Legend of Daniel Boone's Cabin at Harrodsburg," THE FILSON CLUB HISTORY QUARTERLY 48 (1974): 241-52.

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"There is no reason to believe that Boone, Stoner, or anyone else in Southern Virginia knew of Harrod's expedition to Kentucky, much less the location of his new town. For this reason it is logical to assume that if Boone or Stoner visited Harrodsburg before it was abandoned, they discovered it by accident." His task was to go to the falls (Louisville) to bring home Floyd; "those who suggest that Boone lingered about Harrodsburg, surveying and building a cabin, rather than spending his time searching for the surveyors, are actually saying that Kentucky's most famous pioneer disobeyed his orders for the hope of private gain!" (HAMMON1:247)

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