Humphrey Marshall, THE HISTORY OF KENTUCKY (Frankfort: Geo. S. Robinson, 1824; original ed. 1812)

<The ancestors of Daniel Boone, resided in Maryland, where he was born, about the year 1746. More of a Nimrod, than a Joshua, as he grew to manhood, he sought the wild game with his gun. . . . From his boyhood, Boone discovered a strong prepossession for hunting and ranging the uncultivated parts of the country. And to this disposition may be ascribed his removal, without his parents, to Virginia; and thence to NOrth Carolina, recently settled, where he went; in both instances as a hunter, to countries abounding at the time, with wild game of different kinds. Without the incumbrance of worldly goods, to give him local attachments; and without the illumination of science to enable him to shine in society; at the age of eighteen, he found himself possessed of high health, and a vigorous constitution; supported by great muscular strength, and nervous activity. What if his heart did ache, when he bade farewell to his native home? His sole reliance for support, was on his own arm; and that had been taught, rather to poise the rifle, than to use the plough. He delighted to chase on foot, the wild deer: and this propensity had often led him to places remote from the habitations of men. Accustomed to be much alone, he acquired the habit of contemplation, and of self-possession. His mind was not of the most ardent nature; nor does he ever seem to have sought knowledge through the medium of books. Naturally, his sagacity was considerable; and as a woodsman, he was soon expert, and ultimately, supereminent. Far from ferocity, his temper was mild, humane, and charitable; his manners gentle; his address conciliating; his heart open to friendship, and hopitality [sic]. Yet his most remarkable quality, was an enduring, and unshakeable fortitude.> MARSHALL:17-18


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