George H. Maurice, DANIEL BOONE IN NORTH CAROLINA (Eagle Springs, NC: Privately Printed, 1959)

North Carolina
<TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Concerning historial data of Daniel Boone's residence in Beaver Creek and Elk Townships, Wilkes County, North Carolina, I, T. W. Ferguson, am making the following affidavit: That I was born in Beaver Creek township, Wilkes County, NC in the year 1888; I am the son of Lindsay C. Ferguson, born 1832, the nephew of Jesse T. Ferguson, Born 1836 and the Grandson of John F. Ferguson, born 1797, all of whom were born and reared in the same township. That I have frequently heard my father and uncle say they had seen many older residents who had seen and talked with Daniel Boone and members of his family; that they had also heard their father say he had known and talked with many residents who had been neighbors to Boone while living here in this portion of North Carolina, and that Boone was a resident for several years in both Beaver Creek and Elk townships while pioneering in this part of the State. That Boone had a residence in Beaver Creek township on the east side of Beaver Creek and about three quarters of a mile from its mouth, evidences of which are still in tact; that the Spring from which the family got water near by is still in tack and known as the Daniel Boone Spring. That Boone also had a cabin in Elk Township on the north side of the Yadkin River on a hill overlooking the confluence of Beaver Creek and the Yadkin River; that evidences of the old chimney and hearth stones are still in tact; that I have seen these evidences myself and have been told by my father and uncle and they in turn by their father and other residents that these were the exact locations of Boone's residences during his sojourn in this part of the State. <That I have been told authentically that a lady by the name of Dianna Triplett, who was a small girl at the time, that she and her mother visited Boone's family frequently and that on one of these visits, while Boone was away in Kentucky, that she borrowed one of Boone's hunting knives to cut reeds from the Creek Bank wna in the act cut her leg, the scar from which she carried to her grave; that many of the older residents told my father and uncle they had seen this scar and knew the event to be true. <Subscribed and sworn to by me this __ day of Jan. 1952, [signed] T. W. Ferguson> George H. Maurice, DANIEL BOONE IN NORTH CAROLINA (Eagle Springs, NC: Privately Printed, 1959):29-31


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