Femme Osage, Missouri
Boone, Nathan
Stone House Charles van Ravenswaay, "The Nathan Boone House" 1: In June 1956, a group of Missourians organized the Daniel Boone Shrine Association to purchase and preserve this house. Their objective was to raise $175,000 in order to purchase the house and farm with its contents; they hoped to develop around this house a village of other early Missouri buildings in the manner of Old Sturbridge village in Massachusetts. Nathan Boone was occupied as a surveyor, then a Ranger during the War of 1812, and it was not until about 1815, upon his discharge, that he returned to the farm and began developing it. <He was becoming a man of considerable prominence and means, and his family was growing, until it was to total fourteen children. The original St. Charles County tax records in the Society's collection show that from 1815 to 1818 the only house on Boone's Femme Osage tract was variously appraised at from $10 to $25 -- the nominal sum used in appraising the larger frontier log houses. Unfortunately the tax lists are missing from the years 1818 to 1822. In the latter year Boone's house was appraised at $1300.00 and in 1823 at $2,000.00, suggesting that his new stone dwelling had been completed sometime after 1818. We know that Daniel Boone died at Nathan's house, and tradition and local historians have long said that he died in the stone house, in the little room to the right of the front door.> continued

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