John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Shawnee Wife
Boone, Jemima
"Stories like the one which provides Boone with a Shawnee squaw for his Indian wife' I have passed over in silence. They are, in the first place, unsupported by anything except folk stories dating from long after Boone's death. They are, in the second place, usually in conflict with the known facts. The Shawnee wife story, for example, is hard to believe not merely in view of Daniel Boone's devotion to his legitimate wife, but also in view of the fact that, except for one captivity of a few months, Boone never lived among the Shawnees. Similarly, the story that Rebecca Boone had a child by one of Daniel's brothers during one of her husband's long absences in the woods, but that Daniel kept the baby and brought it up as his own, conflicts with the known dates of her children's births." (BAKELESS:xii) SHAWNEEWIFE JEMIMAB


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