John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Kentuck Lore
Findley, John
Gist, Christopher
Gist, Nathaniel
Walker, Thomas
DB joined Braddock's campaign as a wagoner in the North Carolina militia. With him was John Findley who had just returned from a trading trip beyond the mountains. "Many a long night, by the embers of a log-fire, the North Carolina farmer boy listened open-eyed to tales of that new land called Kentucky, that hunter's paradise, that wonderful wild area of rich land, good farm land that a young man with a family could have for the taking, land where deer and buffalo, beaver, otter, and game of every kind abounded. Sixty years later Daniel Boone still remembered the thrill of it. He may have heard similar tales from the scoutt Christopher Gist [also from the Yadkin], who had already seen it, or from his own hunting companion, Nathaniel Gist, the great scout's son. He could have heard tales of Kentucky quite as marvelous from Dr. Thomas Walker, the explorer who had reached Kentucky in 1750, but it is doubtful whether the expedition's commissary even knew the young wagoner existed." (BAKELESS:22-23) BRADDOCK CGIST NGIST TWALKER JFINDLEY KENTUCKLORE


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