John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Shawnee Wife
Boone, Jemima
Boone, Rebecca Bryan
Marriage of Daniel and Rebecca: ". . .Must have been very much like other frontier weddings. The bride customarily rode to the altar on a pillion behind her father's saddle. After the wedding, the pillion was taken off and strapped on behind her bridegroom's saddle. His wife mounted his horse with him and rode off on her honeymoon. It was not very private. The entire wedding party gathered in the cabin where the couple were to spend their wedding night. There was a feast, with the rough plenty of the backwoods. The bottle of corn whiskey circulated. The jests were far from maly-mouthed, for the frontier had no doubt that marriage was indeed `ordained for the procreation of children.' When the evening was partly over, a bevy of young girls, together with the bride, slipped one by one up the ladder that led to the rough loft above the cabin and there put the bride to bed. When they were gone, a group of young men followed, performed a like office for the bridegroom, and left the pair together in such privacy as the loft of a one- or two-room cabin could afford. Late in the night, food was sent up the ladder to the newly married couple and the wedding guests gradually departed. It was all very rough and crude and primitive; but the marriage of Daniel and Rebecca led to a lifelong devotion, a working partnership such as few sophisticated moderns achieve. Daniel may have strayed from the path of complete fidelity once or twice. There are some very queer -- and probably slanderous -- tales about Rebecca herself. The frontier was a rough place with a rough relish for rough jokes; it is hard now to tell what the facts are. But whatever the truth may be, there is no doubt that they forgave and forgot whatever there was to forgive and forget, working and struggling together for a long, hard and rather happy lifetime." (BAKELESS:28-29) WEDDING REBECCAB SHAWNEEWIFE JEMIMAB


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