John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Kentuck Explore 2
Findley, John
"Furious at their losses and by no means willing to admit the validity of Shawnee ethics. Boone and Stuart had not the least intention of going home." They followed the Shawnee and stole back some of their horses. Rode away, trying to put many miles between themselevs and the Shawnee. At dawn paused to rest horses, overtaken by Captain Will. Put a horse-bell around DB's neck and made him caper around for their amusement. Marched the men north, telling them they would be released when the Indians had crossed. A few nights later DB and JS escaped into a canebrake, eluded pursuit, and got away safely. Back at camp, abandoned, overtook the fleeing others. With Findley these returned to VA, and this is the last we see of Findley. KENTUCKEXPLORE2 JFINDLEY SHAWNEE


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