John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Kentuck Explore 2
Land Speculation
DB and Squire alone. By 5/70 their ammunition was running low, but they had a good store of deerskins. Squire set out with the skins to fetch supplies, leaving DB alone in Kentucky. Without sufficient ammo to hunt commercially, he took to exploring. Indian hunting parties were all about him. "Few white men make camps like Indians; but Boone was an old hand in the woods, who had lived near Indians all his life." Ranged as far north as the Ohio, as far west as the Falls (Louisville), becoming thoroughly acquained with the Kentucky and Licking valleys. "Boone was happy enough. This was the life he loved. The forest, game, freedom from social restraints, disntinctions, taxes, inconvenient neighbors. He had `elbow room' in abundance. What more could a man ask?" "Boone loved solitude. He also loved adventurous hunting of this sort. There was no reason why he should not have gone back to the settlements with Squire. The trip would have been safer and easier had the brothers gone together; and since he could not hunt in Squire's absence, Daniel could add nothing to their profits. But Daniel stayed. Was it just because he loved this solitary life? Or was there another reason? Those long exploring trips -- were they pure love of adventure? Or was the Great Idea [?] already bubbling in the woodsman's brain? Did he and Richard Henderson already have land speculation schemes afoot?" (BAKELESS:58, 59, 61) KENTUCKEXPLORE2 WILDERLIEBE LANDSPEC


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