John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Indian Hating
Indian Killing
Kentuck Explore 2
Occasionally he saw Indians. "Once he came upn an Indian fishing from a fallen tree which projected over a stream. But, as Boone used to tell the story in after years, 'as I was looking at the fellow, he tumbled into the river, and I saw him no more.' The implication was that Daniel at the moment was looking at the particular redskin over the sights of a rifle. It was a favorite joke. His hearers did not always remember it exactly. Sometimes there were two Indians. Sometimes there was only one. But the essentials were always the same. Boone never explicitly admitted killing or even firing. But he 'heard a gun crack and it sounded just like mine.' Sometimes, more explicitly, it 'sounded very much like Tick-Licker,' his favorite rifle. And then 'then tumbled in the water and I never saw them any more.' He used to remark of other Indians casually encountered in the forests, 'While I looked at them they fell down and never crossed my path again.' Never a killer and always rather well-disposed to the Indians, boone had, as John Floyd once wrote, 'very little of the WAR SPIRIT. He never liked to take life and always avoided it when he could.' He once told his son Nathan that in his whole life he was sure of having killed only one Indian and that was at the Blue Licks Battle. Sometimes he raised the score to three -- never any more. In the heat of battle it was hard to be sure whether a shot went home. One fired as fast as possible and reloaded with equal speed. There is little doubt, however, that Boone wa a bit too modest about his tally. He himself used to conclude with the remark: 'But many was the fair fire that I have had at them.' On this occasion he killed an unsuspecting fisherman solely because he feared for his own life if captured agian. Then, since there might be other Indians about, he made a wide detour until he struck the mountains in the east, and 'circled around to his camp.'" (BAKELESS:59-60, citing Draper 6S65-66, 2C42, 4C45, 3C66,70, 16C31; Asbury and Doerschuk in MHR 23 [1928-29]:539; Kellogg in Report:51, 53.) KENTUCKEXPLORE2 INDIANKILLING INDIANHATING


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