John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Boone, Rebecca Bryan
"The patient, fearless Rebecca was ready now as always to follow her man where he chose to go. Daniel usually chose to go where there was likely to be a great deal of trouble; but -- except when she objected to settling in Florida -- Rebecca boone never complained. Kentucky might be an anxious land for wives and mothers; but it could not be much worse than the lonely anxiety of a cabin on the Yadkin, with Daniel off among the canebrakes, redskins, and wild beasts in the green tangle of the forests. Marry a man with an itching foot, and a girl is bound to have anxieties. It was the common lot of the frontier woman. Better to go and share it with him. That, after all, was life as the wives of all the pioneers knew it. Marry your man and then follow him. Bear his children. Feed him. Watch his cattle. Lend a hand with the farm at need. Milk, churn, weave, sew. Mold his bullets. Load his rifles when the shooting got rapid enough to demand it. Beat off the Indians yourself if need be. Watch your husband set out again and again into the forests, with death or turture or captivity always in prospect. Men, the great babies, must have their adventures; and perhaps -- who knew? -- there might be wealth at the end of it." (BAKELESS:68-69) REBECCABRYANB WOMEN


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