John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

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Boone, James
WALLENRIDGE Son James returning with supplies for the party, with Henry Russell (17), son of Capt William, 2 slaves and 2 white workmen. Camped on Walden's Creek, 3 miles behind main party. Just before dawn attacked by Indians [tribe?]; James and Henry sho through hips, immobilizing them; 2 others killed immediately; one white man got away, never seen again; one slave hid in a pile of driftwood and witnessed the following torture of the boys. "The Indians had a great deal of fun torturing them to death." The slave heard James pleading for his life from an Indian he (James) recognized -- Big Jim, a Shawnee who had often visited DB's cabin. James finally begged to be killed. Bodies slashed to ribbons, their nails torn out, palms slashed in their efforts to turn away the blades. Boys found the next day by Russell coming up to meet DB. One man rushed ahead to tell DB. One account says DB party also attacked (see Ranck); others do not mention. Rebecca sent back a linen sheet to cover her son and keep the earth from his body. (Cf her white cambric apron at their courtship). This was the end of the attempt; people fled back to NCarolina. (BAKELESS:71-73, citing Draper 6C7-20, 6S79-83, 11CC12, 13C133, 22C5,14; Peter Force, ed., AMERICAN ARCHIVES, 1:278, 707, 873, 975, 1015, 1169.) KENTUCKREMOVE1 SHAWNEE CHEROKEE JAMESB WALLENRIDGE


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