John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Sycamore Shoals
Henderson, Richard
RHENDERSON DB was no sooner out of the militia than he began to work for Henderson, moving back and forth between NC settlements and the Cherokee towns, preparing for Henderson's treaty. The negotiations were concluded at SYCAMORESHOALS, in the Watauga country. DB was there. He had persuaded many of the Cherokee to attend. 1000 Cherokees. Their shrewdest diplomat Atacullaculla (Leaning Wood), old, tiny, delicately built, famous for his brains among both whites and reds (Wm Bartram: "a man of remarkably small stature, slender, and of a delicate frame" and "a man of superior abilities"); whites called him "The Little Carpenter" because he could put a treaty together as neatly as a carpenter building a house. Oconostota (Groundhog-Sausage), old head of the nation who had once been to London (old settler remembered him : "with heavy and dul conuntenance, somewhat corpulent and weighed 180. he did not speak any english but the traders who could converse with him, said that he was vary dul in point of interlect"). Tsiyu-gunsini (Dragging Canoe), dour, distrustful, opposing the whole business ("the Dragon Canoe, he was said to be vary large and coarse featured Indian fine with interlect and vary strong prejudices"). (BAKELESS:86, citing for quotes Redd in VA Mag 7:2 [JY 1899])


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