John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Land Speculation
LANDSPEC ASSESSMENT DB's claims for KY lands at one time must have totaled over 100,000 acres, including military grants, ordinary settler claims under land acts, and lands discovered on wilderness journeys and marked off by tomahawk blazes on the trees. "The kind of writer who enjoys denigration of heroic figures, frequently endeavors to represent the whole Kentucky epic, and Daniel Boone's role in particular, as nothing but greedy speculation and land grabbing of heroic extent. It is certainly true that Boone wanted land and laid claim to land on a giagantic scale, as did most of the pioneers. To all these sturdy, independent souls, land that a man could call his own and walk over was the SUMMUM BONUM of human existence. . . . But land was something more than a material possession, something greater than mere wealth. It was a symbol of a man's independence, something uniquely his own, carved by his own effort from the wilderness. . . . Freehold, land, estates a man could see and walk on, raise his crops on, use to endow the children that he got -- that was what the pioneer wanted. Daniel Boone was a poor man, the son of a poor father. He had a family to provide for; and when the land which he had risked his life to win through long and bitter years was to be had for the asking, he undoubtedly asked for some of it. His claims seem large in modern eyes. Actually, they were no larger than those of many another Kentuckian." (BAKELESS:116)


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