John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Court Martial
Boone's conduct called into question. Especially suspect: his friendship with the shawnee, with Blackfish, Moluntha, and Hamilton. Hamilton reported (4/25/78) that "by Boone's account the people of the frontier have been incessantly harassed by parties of Indians they have not been able to sow grain and at Kentucke will not have a morsel of bread by the middle of June. Cloathing [sic] is not to be had, nor do they expect relief from the congress -- their dilemma will probably induce them to trust to the Savages who have shewn so much humanity to their prisoners, & come to this place before winter." "Just what Daniel Boone hoped to gain by these tales is not clear now. He may have thought that British belief in Kentucky's weakness would induce Hamilton to send out relatively weak war parties. He may also have thought that if Hamilton had any hope of winning the Kentuckians over peacefully he would cease sending war parties altogether. There is no question that Boone's ingenious tales did secure a delay which made it possible to get Boonesborough ready for defense. If the others had been as active as he, it would have been ready a couple of months before the Indians arrived." (BAKELESS:231)


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