John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Early 1780 set off for VA to buy state land warrants, which had to be secured before new land claims could proceed. Said to have carried about $20,000 of his own money, part raised by selling the KY land he already owned, in order to buy warrants for even more. Plus another $20-30,000 from friends. All in currency. With a companion stopped for the night at an in in James City, VA. When went to sleep carefully locked the door and placed the saddle-bags with the money at the foot of the bed. DB dreamed of his father, "each time when captured, robbed or defeated he thus dreamed unfavorably about his father" [Nathan Boone], and when he awoke the next morning the bags were gone, the door unlocked, DB's papers scattered about, clothing thrown into the garden, saddlebags dropped at the foot of the stairs. Search found a little of the money hidden in some jugs in the cellar; none of the rest ever found; thief never identified. DB believed the landlord had conspired in the robbery; that he had been drugged. Eventually he paid back the friends who demanded restitution. "Some at least cherished rancor for decades afterwards. Others secured their lands by satisfying the court that their land papers had disappeared during the robbery: thus, John Snoddy: "that he was possessed of a pre-emption for one Thousand acres of land in the County of Kantucke that he sent the same along with Daniel Boone and it was lost and that he never received a Warrant for the same." [quoted from Summers, ANNALS OF SOUTHWESTERN VA] (BAKELESS:245)


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