John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Kentuck War
Simon Girty's speech to the Wyandot army on their way south to besiege Bryan's Station: <Brothers: The fertile region of Kentucky is the land of cane and clover -- spontaneously growing to feed the buffalo, the elk and the deer. There the bear and the beaver are always fat. The Indians from all the tribes have had a right from time immemorial, to hunt and kill unmolested these wild animals, and bring off their skins -- to purchase for themselves clothing, to buy blankets for their backs and rum to send down their throats, to drive away the cold and rejoice their hearts after the fatigues of hunting and the toil of war. (Great applause). <Brothers, the Long Knives have overrun your country and usurped your hunting grounds. They have destroyed the cane, trodden down the clover, killed the deer and the buffalo, the beaver and the raccoon. The beaver has been chased from his dam, and forced to leave the country. <Brothers: The intruders on your land exult in the success that has crowned their flagitious acts. They are planting fruit trees and plowing the lands where, not long since, were the canebrake and the clover field. Was there a voice in the tree of forest, or articulate sounds in the gurgling waters, every part of this country would call on you to chase away these ruthless invaders, who are laying it waste. Unless you rise in the majesty of your might and exterminate their whole race, you may bid adieu to the hunting grounds of your fathers -- to the delicious flesh of the animals with which they once abounded -- and to the skins with which you were once enabled to purchase your clothing and your rum.> Bakeless comments: Bradford prints this speech, <presumably from the account of some white captive who heard it. . . . The florid tone is an unhappy mingling of aboriginal eloquence and eighteenth-century translation, but the content is probably reported with fair accuracy. Among an illiterate people, speeches are long remembered and much commented upon. Among modern Indians one can sometimes pick up reminiscences of famous speeches which have been handed down for years.> BAKELESS:273-274


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