John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

First day out of Bryan's station the militia covered some 33 miles; ended the march about midnight, camping near the present town of Ellisville, Nicholas county. Indian camp only 3-4 miles away, but neither knew the other's whereabouts. The next morning they set out and soon the scouts reached the ridge on the south side of Licking; across the valley they saw two Indians walking back and forth on the opposite ridge. The rest came up. Todd called for Boone. Conversation [5C51?]: <"Colonel, they intend to fight us." "How do you know?" asked Todd. "They have been for some time concealing their number by treading in each other's tracks." He pointed down to the ground at their feet, where the Indian trail wound forward theough the forest. "Don't you see they are doing so?"> DB suggested crossing up river, then striking the trace on the high ground to the north, taking them out of any possible ambush. Overruled, and the whole troop clammored down to the ford. More Indians were seen on the northern ridge. Another council. DB proposed delay. Scouts sent out, returning with no report of sign. Todd again asked DB's opinion. He proposed that half the troops move upstream, cross near Elk Creek, and attack one ravine in flank, while the rest attacked from another position. It was here that McGary intervened, still sore from the implication of cowardice at Bryan's Station. He sneered something about DB's courage. Bakeless then reconstructs the conversation from the various snippets in Draper. When McGary rode into the river: BAKELESS:292-297


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