John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Advance guard of 25 with McGary; the rest in three long narrow columns. Advance reached the top of the ridge, advancing toward the ravines; rattle of shots, then more, finally intense. All but three of those 25 dead; Within three minutes, 40 men down. Trigg dying, blood gushing from both breast and back; his men fell back. Indians swung in behind them, catching them between fire; now every man for himself. DB's column actually drove the enemy back; did not notice the general retreat in the other columns. McGary rides up: The battle had lasted only 5 minutes. All now was a panic-striken rush for the river, more than a mile away. Indians dropped their rifles and leaped into the fray with tomahawk and knife, slashing at the men and their horses. DB gathered his men together and led them off through the woods to the west. Israel hit -- quivering arm stretched in front of him, blood gushing from his mouth. DB carried him off. Indian few feet behind; DB drops the body and fires. Tradition says he put the body in a cave. Then mounted and rode for his life. BAKELESS:297-299


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