John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Tobacco Shed
Tobacco as good as cash; surveyors' reports were payable in tobacco at the legal rate of a penny a pound; VA issued currency against it. So, although he did not smoke, it was logical for DB to raise it. Split the stalks, run slender sticks through them, hang them up to dry, one tier above another. Three tiers in DB's shed. The leaves nearly dry, he was lifting the stalks to the second tier, then would bring new stalks in below. Standing on the poles above when four Shawnees stalked in grinning. He recognized men of the Shawnee he had known in 1778. They insisted he come down. He was looking forward to visiting Chillicothe again; wanted to go with his kinsmen; they really did have him; don't you want some of my tobacco. Gathered a number of sticks, dropped them directly onto the upturned faces of the men; jumped down, dragging with him as much leaf as possible; pushed them aside and ran for the cabin; could not avoid the temptation to look back; saw them half-blinded, feeling about in all directions; cursing Boone for a scoundrel, themselves as fools. DB told this at a granddaughter's wedding, imitating the voices and gestures of the Shawnees with glee. Bakeless says that BAKELESS:311-312,457n


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