John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Indian Killing
Logan Campaign 86
Prisoners, mid-1780s: federal government had been trying to get back those taken during the Revolution. <Some of the Shawnees defied their chiefs and insisted on keeping their captives, who were useful slaves or had been adopted into the tribe. Some of the prisoners also defied the chiefs and refused to leave. One prisoner had to be forced to part with his red friends. Others escaped from their Kentucky rescuers and slipped back to the Indian life they had grown to love.> This was the context for the Logan campaign: to get some Indian prisoners with which to bargain. Up the Miami. Careful preparations made at Limestone all summer, 1786. Night of 9/29-30/1786 700-800 men began to cross the Ohio; not all ferried over until the pm of 9/30. Many of the warriors were gone, fighting Clark, who was attacking along the Wabash. Tells the story about DB finding and participating in the killing of Big Jim [Nathan Boone interview, 6S161]. Expedition killed about 20 Shawnees and captured 70-80 prisoners, including DB's "old friend Muluntha and his squaw." Moluntha wearing a white robe of office and a cocked hat, not particularly disturbed by his capture; had been working for the Americans for months trying to effect prisoner exchanges, and had some kind of American certificate of character in his possession; the whole object was to take prisoners like him, not to kill them. BAKELESS:317


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