John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Family Life
Logan Campaign 86
Prisoners: DB rescued Chloe Flinn. Mother had died under the hardship of captivity; brother still a prisoner; rest of her family nearly wiped out. Lived in the Boone household for a year or so. Then, having located her relatives, DB took her up river to them. DB may have simply stolen her. Also the story of cutting through military red tap to get a boy back in 3/1787 [BOONEMSS 3/16/1787]. In 4/1787 Naomohouoh, Shawnee chief arrived in Limestone with a message from Captain Johnny, a young Shawnee leader just coming into prominence; with four prisoners as a token of good faith, promised that all other prisoners to Limestone within a month, after they had been collected from scattered forest villages. Later that month Captain Wolf and other Shawnees came to Limestone with 9 prisoners, and DB and Patterson exchanged them for Indian prisoners. DB entertainng a Shawnee diplomat at his tavern for 3 weeks [see BOONEMSS 4/27/1787 as well as 7/1787]. 8/20/1787 Captain Johnny, Blacksnake, Wolf, and other Shawnee diplomats appeared across the river, ready to make a formal peace. DB, Logan, Kenton, Todd, Patterson rowed over to meet them. Captain Johnny, in ceremonial paint and feathers: <All say, let us take pity on our women and children, and agree to make peace with out brother the big knife, which our brother the big knife has always said was in our power. If we want peace we shall have peace, to which we are agreed, to come to where our old town was burnt and live brothers. These Indians who are for war, they will always be out on the Wabash, and we will make a distinction between them and ourselves, to let our brother the big knife know we are really for peace. Here will be five little towns of us that will be for peace.> Logan: <Brothers, you may see plainly, how your father over the water, who engaged you in so long and bloody a war, has treated you; that although you lost many brave warriors, yet when he gotten beaten by the great men of the United States, he made peace and gave your country away, and said nothing about you, but left you to the discretion of the Americans to treat you as they pleased. Brothers, you and all the red people may plainly see, that when your father and all his forces added to all yours, could not conquer the Americans, that it will be in vain for you (the red people) to continue a war yourselves alone.> Dance and feast, lasting most of the night, followed the prisoner exchange. BAKELESS:321


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