John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

Kanawha county militia supply, 2: A little later Clendenin, representative in the Assembly, complained again of the <default of the Contractor, Colonel Boone.> Caperton again complained to authorities 10/30/1792 that when he took command of the defense of Greenbrier and Kanawha counties, <Col. Boone Contracted to furnish these men with rations, but for some cause or other failed. This put me under the necessity of employing other persons to do the business, making myself responsible for the money, & now stand bound for the amount of rations furnished my Company, no part of which has been paid. The Executive also directed Col. Boone to convey the ammunition allowed from Point of Fork to Greenbrier, in this he also failed, this compelled me to purchase and supply the men myself.> 1793 relations with Caperton bad again. <The commissary simply walked out of camp with his rifle and was not seen for days. Scouts operating on the Ohio bumped into him and complained that the rations (for which he was responsible) were exhausted. But the insubordinate quartermaster replied only: "Caperton did not do to my liken," -- which was apparently all they got out of him. Under any known system of military law, they would have been justified in taking him out and shooting him; but in the Virginia militia of those days these little differences were politely ignored.> Caperton was soon thereafter courtmartialed; <My conduct has in some degree been reprehensible during my command,> he admitted. citing CAL VA STATE PAPERS [have=X] 4:391X, 5:410X,413,416,456,536; 6:58-59,118X,119X,658,708-09,718-19; 7:406X; Roy Bird Cook, ANNALS OF FORT LEE:36,38-40,44-47,54-59,99,100 in BAKELESS:337-338


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