John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE (New York: W. Morrow & Co., 1939)

As testiment to the laxity of the Spanish and Catholic officials about the requirement of Catholicism, viz this record of the marriage of DMB to Sarah Griffin Lewis, from the parish records: <On this day, the 2nd of March 1800, there appeared before me, Fr. Leander Lusson, Recolet Priest and Pastor of the parish of St. Charles of Missouri: -- on the one hand Daniel Morgan Boone, of age and legitimate son of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan his wife, the Father and Mother living in St. Charles,, Mo.; on the other hand Sarah Griffin Lewis still a minor, and legitimate daughter of John Baptist Lewis and Elizabeth Harve his wife, as Father and Mother living at the Post of St. Andrew. The couple assured us it was their intention to be married; and with their oath upon the Bible they promised to answer truthfully to the questions I would put to them. . . . I asked: What Religion do you profess? The said Daniel Morgan Boone said he professed the Presbyterian religion; and the said Sarah Griffin Lewis replied that she professed the Protestant religion. . . . To my question whether they were willing to bring the children that might be born to them to the church nearest their home, in order to be baptized and to be instructed, they replied "Yes." . . . After the above mentioned informations were taken, the publication of the Banns having been made on three successive Sundays at the door of our church of St. Charles in Missouri . . . the said Daniel Morgan Boone in our presence took the said Sarah Griffin Lewis for his wife and legitimate spouse, pledging to her his marriage troth. . . . There were present Messrs. William Hays, Philip Milla [Miller], Nathan Boone, Francis Howell, and several others . . . who all have signed with us on the same day and year as given above.> citing archives of St. Charles Borromeo, St. Charles MO in BAKELESS:369-370


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