Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," BULLETIN (Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia) 2, no. 24 (1987)

Long Hunt of 1760, with Nathaniel Gist. Entered Virginia at Whitetop Mountain, in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. Probably following the "Indian Road" listed on the 1749 Peter Jefferson map of the Virginia-North Carolina line. From the mountain they had an unobstructed view to the west. They came to the site of present Abingdon. That night they were disturbed by a pack of wolves lurking around their camp, their eyes reflected in the campfire light. They tracked the wolves to their den in the morning, a cave in a hill on which today stands the Washington County courthouse building. Boone named the place Wolf Hill, which became the first name of the settlement there in 1768. From there he and Gist hunted down the Holston into present Tennessee. Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, BULLETIN, Series II, No. 24 (1987):3


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