Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," BULLETIN (Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia) 2, no. 24 (1987)

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Route: to the location of Lick Creek in present Dickenson County, thence down that creek to Russell Fork of Big Sandy in Virginia. At Sand Lick he carved "D. Boone" on a beech tree. Continuing downstream past the mouth of McClure River, Cranesnest River, Pound River, to the spectacular Breaks Canyon, today called Breaks Interstate Park on the border of VA and KY. Along the rim of the canyon they made their way over the difficult terrain, thence down Russell Fork and Levisa River to a salt lick near present Paintsville KY, in the valley of Big Sandy. This was a rugged portion of KY, not the fertile area he had envisioned. Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, BULLETIN, Series II, No. 24 (1987):3


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