Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," BULLETIN (Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia) 2, no. 24 (1987)

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September 1773 DB departed the Yadkin, leading six families. Up the "Indian Road," entering Virginia at the present town of Damascus, continuing via Alternate US 58 to Castlewood. At this point (Damascus), DB sent James, the Mendenhall brothers (also from NC) to Buffalo Lick/Saltville to the north to pick up Isaac Crabtree [who had agreed to come along when DB was at Castlewood?]. The boys, without children and other encumbrances, could move rapidly, and would give Russell advance notice of the arrival of the party. The main party went directly to Castlewood. [Was James there when Boone arrived then?] From Castlewood, DB guided the party on [down the Clinch?] to meet the Bryan party in Powell's Valley. James, Henry, and the others, followed at a slower pace, driving the cattle. Russel, needing more time after such short notice to arrange his affairs, brought up the rear. Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, BULLETIN, Series II, No. 24 (1987):4


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