Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," BULLETIN (Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia) 2, no. 24 (1987)

British Capture
DB involved with John "Jack" Jouett, Virginia's "Paul Revere." Cornwallis dispatched 220 mounted soldiers under Col. Banastre Tarleton, the famous cavalry leader known as the "Hunting Leopard" or "Bloody Ban" because of the ruthlessness of his men in South Carolina. They intended to capture the Virginia legislature in Charlottsville seventy miles to the west. This success would have crippled the already flagging morale of the newly declared nation and possibly broken the American spirit. They were more than half way to Charlottesville when they were observed in thenight by young Captain Jouett, on leave. Mounting his thoroughbred mare, by taking side roads and narrow trails, Jouette managed to pass around Tarleton, arriving in the early morning and warning Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and others to escape. Some were captured. One of these was Boone, who with Jouett [?] was taking a wagon load of papers to the next intended meeting place for the government, Staunton, over the Blue Ridge. Walter H. Hendricks, "Daniel Boone as a Virginian," Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, BULLETIN, Series II, No. 24 (1987):5


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