Francis Baily and Holmes Jack D. L., JOURNAL OF A TOUR IN UNSETTLED PARTS OF NORTH AMERICA IN 1796 & 1797 (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1969)

Filson, John
Imlay, Gilbert
4/9/1797 1: Near the mouth of the Great Miami, on the Ohio River. <We had observed a canoe ahead of us the preceding day, and for the sake of company wished we could have overtaken it; but as the person who was in it did not seem disposed to stop for us, we soon lost sight of him, as he proceeded along much faster than we. However, this morning we observed the same vessel behind us, and in a short time it came alongside. It contained but one old man, accompanied by his dog and his gun, and a few things lying at the bottom of the canoe. We called to him to come into our boat, which he accordingly did; and after a little conversation, our guest proved to be old Colonel Boon, the first discoverer of the now flourishing state of Kentucky. I was extremely happy in having an opportunity of conversing with the hero of som many adventures, a relation of which is drawn up in Imlay's Geography. Happening to have this account by me, I read it over to him, and he confirmed all that was there related of him. I could observe the old man's face brighten up at the mention of any of those transactions in which he had taken so active a part; and upon my adverting particularly to his adventure in August, 1778, with the Indians at Boonsborough, (a considerable town, so called from the remarkableness of the transaction, and the fame of its founder,) where they, with most barefaced deceit, endeavoured to take him and his men prisoners, he entered upon the subject with all the minuteness imaginable, and as descriptively as if it had recently happened. He then mde us follow him in his narration, -- how he was taken prisoner by the Indians, and carried a tour round the lakes with them; and the old man interspersed his tale with many a pleasing anecdote and interesting observation. He took (in truly an Indian style) a drop of water, and on a board he marked out the whole course of his travels; and, though I showed him a map, he continud on, after barely looking at it, and would not be diverted from the one which he had formed with his own finger.> continued

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