Manuscripts, Filson Club, Louisville

Scott County, Kentucky, Survey Book (1792-1834) includes this survey: <Surveyed for Daniel Boone one thousand acres of Land on north Elkhorn by Virtue of an Entry made in the name of said Boon Assnee of William Hays on a Treasury Warrant No. [left blank] Entered May the 9th 1780 Begining at an Ash tree Corner to William Christian Samuel Meredith and Israil Christians Military Surveys thence 20 E 400 poles to a buckeye & two hawbushes thence S 70o E 400 poles to a honey Locust S20oW 400 poles to a white Oak thence north 70 W 400 poles to the Begining. <William Johnson D.S.S.C. [Deputy Surveyor Scott County] <John Payne S.S.C. <Sept. 27th 1798> Manuscripts, Filson Club, Louisville.

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