Manuscripts, Filson Club, Louisville

Nathaniel Hart [Jr.] to "Dear Uncle," Lexington, 1/10/1791. <I am afraid you loose your Sett. & Preemption on silvers Creek. Boone I believe has acted like a scoundral in the business. Col. Shelby and myself went up last fall to Survey yours and look at mine, after traceing up several lines we found that one Jinnings [or Ginnings?] S.V.P. [?; could be S. & P.] had covered yours entirely, that Boone had Surveyed his Preemption on Uncle David Harts & my Fathers. I suppose you recollect that my Father cleared 2 fields which he intended to include in his Survey. Boone has taken the one next to Estels Station & run within sight of the other which has thrown me upon others Lands and I expect I shall have to stand a Lawsuit with them tho it must remain in this Situation untill I qualify as Exor. [executor] to my Fathers Estate.> Manuscripts, Filson Club, Louisville.

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