Carolyn Smith, "The Literary Image of Daniel Boone: A Changing Heroic Ideal in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Popular Literature" (Ph.D. thesis, Department of English, University of Utah, 1974)

Boone Myth
Filson, John
FILSON "portrays Boone in the primary role as the young romantic epic hero Ulysses who has a sense of heaven-bestowed destiny." But also "endows Boone's character, however, with paradoxical features, which result in conflicting motives toward his quest. On the one hand, Boone appears to be the 'natural man,' who, perceiving through 'uncorrupted eyes the laws of nature,' [quoting Arthur Moore, FRONTIER MIND:146] is privately motivated to flee from the artifical laws and workings of civilization to a life of solitude. . . . On the other hand, however, toward the end of the autobiography, Boone appears to be an agent of progress who is publicly motivated to explore, to break trails, and to conquer the savages in order to advance civilization." (SMITH2:7-9)

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